How To Talk To Girls At Parties

A poorly curated inspiration board for the sartorially inclined.

suprememosaic-deactivated201108 asked: who are you? not like who the fuck are you?, but your blog is very unconventional you post high end fashion and then post the "hoodest" music ever, you are a very interesting person I'm sure

I’m not a blogger/Somebody lied/I got a laptop up the car/Power up, it come alive/If I die today remember me like Tavi Gevi/Buried in linen, I’m talking all brown Cuci/Make all my anon followers tattoo my logo on they gray face/Put a statue of Ielluzi in the middle of your retail space

  1. queenofcatnaps said: pull up a new tab i got a spam of posts so scroll far/black card for the fashunistos spendin c-note for dem cuffs/im not a blogger [x4] …internets aint even worth a shower, just some deo/monday fo menswear, tuesday get some topless fotos…
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