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In Which I Ask A “Regular Guy” About Pitti Uomo

Actually, calling my buddy James a “regular guy” is doing him a disservice, but for the sake of this interview it kinda makes sense.  James, while aware of menswear, is not a “style blogger” or a “menswear nerd” by any stretch of the imagination.  With this season’s increased coverage and general interest around Pitti Uomo I thought it would be interesting to get his take on everything that was undoubtedly flooding his dashboard to get a new perspective on the Pitti circlejerk.

L: So how much would you say you are interested in menswear?

J: Uh, I would say that maybe one in five of our personal conversations is either me making fun of you for nerding out over menswear, or you making fun of me for being sartorially DIS-inclined. I don’t think I would be able to hoist you with your own petard unless I had some knowledge and appreciation of menswear. So yeah, it’s an interest; I like to see the fresh crispiness bubbling up in that world, and I really like watching the silliness and fun people are having with it now, but menswear (like suits and shit, right?)  is definitely not a creed or dogma I adhere to. Just look at my pocket square. See? It’s actually a carnitas stain. Yeah, cause I spent my menswear budget on tacos :(

L: You don’t consider yourself a style or menswear blogger, though, correct?

J: (See: Menswear bloggers blogging about what “style” is.) Probably not. I like hot shit. Sometimes menswear falls into that category. Sometimes it’s giraffes. Usually a shirtless Ricky Rozay qualifies.

L: You follow a lot of menswear Tumblrs, that I know for a fact, so I’m curious – what do you think about all this focus on Pitti Uomo?

J: Sometimes I wonder if the swagged out Japanese/Italian/non-American dude realizes that a candid photo of him is circulating around this e-world and being <3’d by sockless men. But I really like that my dashboard isn’t saturated with models that look like children! And despite the anon-hating, the propagation of the same photos, and the fact that you still pronounce it “ex-presso,” it really is fun to see people trying out they crazy shit and obviously having a great time doing it all together. One day, we’ll make it there Lawrence, and sip macchiatos light dro nitro mic flow nice clothes Pitti Uomo.

L: Is there anything you take away from these Pitti pics? Anything you are going to try and inject into your wardrobe?  Maybe a specific items or just an idea?

 J: Right now must of my wardrobe is on my floor, so it’d be closer to a pour than an injection. Maybe I’ll combine all of Pitti into one specific item, so maybe like a deep blue floral-pattern elbow patch kerchief made of beads? 

I think the best looks in these photos are the ones with unique and subtle details. Maybe I’ll start paying attention to that. I used to think that when I became an old man I’d take up heroin for the hell of it, but maybe I’ll change that to clowning out like Crisp Kringle. Until then, deets for weeks.

Someone wise once told me to dress as if you’re going to run into the girl/guy of your dreams. These pics have taught me to dress cause you might get blogged. STREETS/STRADAS IS WATCHIN!!!

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